[chuck-users] emacs, and other editors for chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 10:13:14 EDT 2008


So, if anyone wants to express their needs for such a thing I'd be happy to
> consider converting them into implementable features. No promises, though,
> as my daylight job often consumes all my computer-centric energy.
> So far, I have determined a wish list including syntax highlighting,
> "intellisense" style completion, mode-line representation of ChucK's status,
> automatic shred/spork replacement, and minibuffer display of
> micro-documentation for classes/functions/syntax under the point. Any other
> input is welcome.
Should you find the time to implement this (this sounds great!) and write a
bit about how to use it for the interested Emacs newbie I'd be very
interested in using such a system, yes.

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