[chuck-users] Double ChucK cleanup (bug)

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Sep 15 17:45:19 EDT 2008

Hi Kassen!

> With the return of "double chucking" (making more then one connection 
> between two UGens or a UGen and the dac) something seems to have gone 
> wrong;
> SinOsc s=> dac;
> second=> now;
> s=> dac;
> second=> now;
> If this is run in a VM set to loop or a MiniAudicle with it's version of 
> ChucK replaced with the latest greatest only a single connection will be 
> cleaned up as the shred exits, meaning "s" will stay connected to the 
> dac and as "s" is never garbage collected this means a beep. This also 
> means there is no way at all to get rid of this beep (short of stopping 
> the whole VM) as there is no way at all to reach the namespace "s" 
> is/was in.

Thanks for finding this!  This is indeed due to a bug in the UGen 
disconnect code, as we discovered just now.  It's fixed and in CVS,
and will be in the next release.

Thank you very much!


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