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Sorry for the extra traffic.

Well, I'm happy that you know it's wrong; I know I certainly didn't
subscribe to a list about ChucK to hear about ChucKian projects! (end
sarcasm, it's good to hear what you are up to for me). I'll have a good look
at what you are doing later.

I haven't been writing that much ChucK in the past few weeks. I've been
getting into Fluxus and getting to grips with 3d graphics (a rather large
field) and Scheme (a really small field, as such, but it takes a while to
figure out how to plow it properly). I've been taking the "building blocks"
aspect to 3d engines a bit literally and using a style similar to old wooden
children's toys. Great fun and quite suitable as I'm at the same time
helping a friend who has a small kid re-structure his house. Funny how
things fit together. I'm starting to form ideas about using Fluxus images
with ChucK-based sounds for DIY video-clips but that's in the future. Right
now I'm trying to get to grips with one concept per evening.

In the back of my mind I'm still thinking about DIY digital turntables and
using interpolation (LPF's) on control signals for LiSa's .sync() option to
create a sense of inertia. It doesn't seem so easy to link LiSa's loops to
the controling signal's period (and thus sudden jump from 1 to 0) while also
maintaining that inertia. I've been thinking about how a UGen that would
apply a modulo to a signal's amplitude might help there and how it might be
used in other ways.

Another thing on my mind is that we might want to have a cleanup spree of
gathering important bugs on the WiKi page of bugs meant to (hopefully) be
fixed in the next release. We slacked on that a bit and a centralised list
would probably help the DEV's.

I hope others will share what they are thinking about this summer (or
winter, as the case may be) as well.

Hoping everyone is fine,
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