[chuck-users] The ChucK Gong Show

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 24 15:04:11 EDT 2009

OK, news:  The ChucK Show has degenerated into The Gong Show with both 
reckless joy and disgrace, ah well.  We're going to do a "Name - that - 
tune" style show next friday at 7pm EST on www.electro-music.com and it 
will also be like "The Gong Show".  Everyone in the chatroom gets one 
gong.  We try to name that tune but if someone gets sick of the song 
they can gong it with their one and only gong.  Of course, once someone 
has gonged we are all free to commence gonging until the hosts notice 
or whatever.  So gong only once yet gong at will.

Aside from that points will be tallied up for who first mentions the 
artist, title, and instrument of the song.  So you can win up to three 
points per song.  The judging will be randomly and haphazardly done by 
whoever is appointed plus me at the moment.  So join us, and I also 
have a request...

I need game show sounds in ChucK to add to my controller program for 
the show.  A big old gong would be nice, plus maybe some buzzers or 
whatever.  If you would like to contribute to the show's sound effects 
please post your code to this list or to the forum.

Comically yours,


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