[chuck-users] ChubbY (ChucK in Ruby)?

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 15:48:48 EST 2009

Has anyone considered of implementing all the wonderful functionality  
of ChucK in Ruby?  I'm not trying to start a fight or ruffle feathers  
-- it's an honest question.

I love ChucK for all of its functionality -- it has a full house of  
great unit generators and signal processing objects coupled with an  
easy-to-use thread / scheduling mechanism.  But for all that, I find  
ChucK the language lacking.  For example, when I really push on  
defining classes, I can't do all the things I'm used to.

Might not a marriage of ChucK's rich functionality with Ruby's rich  
language be nearly ideal?

At the very least, we'd get Mr. Bowkett to -- in Yoda's words -- TFSU.

- Rob

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