[chuck-users] dur frame?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 07:10:38 EST 2009

Hi, Spencer!

> Im not quite sure what you are specifically finding odd/disturbing
> here--feel free to elaborate further if maybe I missed something.

Hmmm, I was under the impression that events coming from outside of
the VM (like HID, MIDI and OSC) were only processed at the start of a
new buffer, hence getting them at other times would indicate -to me-
something quite odd going on.

I wasn't -yet- aware that the VM actually deals with these every
sample, which is of course preferable. Clearly what I was seeing was
some sort of slight occasional jitter in my OS or in the game device I
was using. Considering that I was also running a browser at the same
time and that the game controller was quite cheap that sounds like a
very likely explanation.

> I agree that a buffer size constant is pretty useful; I think this will
> actually probably be implemented soon since its pretty easy to do.

Great, thanks.

One thing I'm now confused about though is the use to this if it turns
out ChucK can and does process events in between buffers. I think we
should proceed with this as more features are better, especially more
meaningful durations but with my new knowledge gained in this
discussion I'm now unsure where *you* see the use for this as I'm now
no longer sure I see how much buffer sizes will matter from a
perspective within the language.


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