[chuck-users] Problem with reverb and multi-voices

Tom Lieber lieber at princeton.edu
Mon Jan 5 05:36:57 EST 2009

2009/1/4 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> Tom;
>> If it were me, I'd make a new pair of rev/g in smack(), chuck the
>> voice to it, then unchuck it on the way out. You're making shreds
>> pretty fast so that may not lead to a script you can leave running for
>> a long time, but it'd have the desired effect.
> I'm not sure about this approach. Reverbs are the very last thing I'd have a
> large amount of due to the processing involved.  If at all possible I'd
> always try to deal with the issue by setting volume and mix. Clearly this
> isn't always a option for all reverbs; we may want to throw acoustic
> viability to the wind and instead deal with reverb as a per-voice parameter
> for a "purely synthetic" aesthetic.

Yeah, it's not always an answer, but sometimes it is! And it's easy.
So I try it!

> It's a interesting issue; LiSa doesn't allow for per-voice outputs, nor do I
> think the ChucK architecture offers any options for that type of
> functionality; at least to my knowledge.

It'd probably be similar to .chan() syntax.

> I don't have a computer with a
> SMS (that would have to be a Mac in this context, I think) at hand.
> I'm not sure, BTW, why the SMS is polled in this way and not using "hi =>
> now;", is there something speciffic about the SMS that is different from
> other HID devices that makes this preferable or is there some other reason
> to go for this method?

I think it's just to get the particular sound you get when a new voice
is fired at regular intervals... I don't know what kind of noise he's
recording, but when I tried it sounded kind of nifty. 'Cause his code
differs from the example script he seems to have copied.

Tom Lieber

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