[chuck-users] Kassen's Phasor

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 12:49:49 EDT 2009

Kassen wrote:
> Michael Heuer;
>> It's not always terribly easy to implement a pseudo-random number
>> generator, but it is straightforward, and often they are very well
>> documented.
> Quite so, you must have overlooked that I tried to point this out in the
> post that you quoted. We can simply roll our own. There is a excellent
> treatment on noise in electronic music by John Ffitch in the CSound Handbook
> that I very much recommend, it goes into such concerns and it's a worthwhile
> read if your local library would stock it.
> The most serious random number generators are always open source and well
> documented, BTW. Our digital security (banking, military, server
> administration, etc) depends on them so to make sure they are secure they
> are always heavily analysed. You could pick one of those then that would
> give you a mathematical guarantee that nobody will ever be able to humm
> along to your songs ;-).

Yep, we are in full agreement here, I was referring to your we can't
have our cake and put it in the blender line.  :)

Is it worth adding an RNG class and some RNGs to LiCK?  Is anyone
using LiCK?  The idea was that it could be a dumping ground for all
the useful general purpose ChucK stuff that we came up with, but to
date only I have put things up there.  Perhaps github was not a good
place for it?


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