[chuck-users] Reactable

Tom Duff td at pixar.com
Sat Jun 20 15:55:44 EDT 2009

On Sat, 20 Jun 2009, Andrew Turley wrote:

> You are definitely right. I didn't mean to imply in any way that ChucK
> wasn't a good tool for doing things LIKE the Reactable, just that if
> you specifically wanted to work with the Reactable (or another device
> that spits out TUIO) then you would need to use a system other than
> ChucK (which is not to say that you couldn't have ChucK somwhere in
> the pipeline).
> Having said all that, ChucK is still my go-to system when I want to
> grab some OSC and turn it into sound.

Reasonable support for TUIO has to go hand in hand with OSC support. TUIO
is the killer app for OSC. Lots of extremely attractive devices use it,
not just Reactivision, and being unable to exploit them without kludging
around is really not good.

I count this as a ChucK bug, just like nonexistant garbage collection.

Tom Duff.  It could be worse, but it'll take time.

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