[chuck-users] Reactable

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Tue Jun 23 17:36:43 EDT 2009

On 23 Jun 2009, at 21:12, mike clemow wrote:

>> I am really thinking about the usability of the interface for musical
>> purposes. The Reactable TUI is a little like the Theremin, which is  
>> nice for
>> making cool sounds with, but really hard for playing actual music  
>> (not
>> intending a discussion about "what is music").
> It's just an interface technology--not an application.  You can place
> the fiducials on objects and the software will determine position and
> orientation of the object on the table.  It also attempts to give you
> primitive touch (i.e. finger-finding) information.  Now, what you DO
> with this technology--in other words: your particular application--can
> be judged as musical/non-musical or a good/bad application of the
> technology.  So, if you design a theremin using the Reactables
> technology, then you'll have a table-top theremin.  If you design a
> composition tool, then you'll be looking at it in a completely
> different light.

Yes, but what I mean is that the whole TUI interface might be a like  
Theremin human interface. So I'm a bit skeptical about it. It has some  
cool ideas though in how to use that interface - how to connect  
components and make them visual. But that could possibly be done with  
HIDs, that then might be better at fine control suitable in music.

> I think that this conversation was really about ChucK's OSC
> implementation, which is not fully complete if you read the OSC spec.
> I'm unsure, however, where stuff like this falls in the priority list
> of the dev'rs.

Yes, it might still be cool to have that to experiment with.


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