[chuck-users] ChucK Internet Radio Broadcast

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 28 06:54:39 EDT 2009

Yesterday (Friday March 27, 2009) we enjoyed the first ChucK internet 
streaming broadcast on electro-music.com.  Kassen was there in the 
chatroom and he had a fun exchange with my friend Carroll who was here 
in my studio for the broadcast.  I think they were talking about her 
fingernails for some reason.  Whatever.  All had a blast!

There was a tiny bit of dead air, but for the most part things went 
well.  I played some of kijjaz's stuff and some of mine as well.  We 
improvised and I coined the phrase "Jack Noise!", referring to the 
sound that my puter makes when I unplug or replug the jack to switch 
from ChucK to mic or revverse.

All in all things went well and I invite you to next week's show on 
Friday at 23:00 to 00:00 GMT.  Be there or be square!


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