[chuck-users] Laptop Battle

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 10 03:13:59 EST 2009

This year at the electro-music 2009 festival, I did the ChucK community 
proud by winning the Laptop Battle along with a guy who played some 
awesome guitar (there were two winners this year).  My routine was 
good, but for next year the electro-music 2008 Laptop Battle winner has 
thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to a new five-minute timed 
battle!  It's all in good fun, of course, yet I take the competition 

My performance will consist of a program controlled by one or two 
accelerometer boards such that when I move my hand(s) around, ChucK 
makes noise.  I'll do dance or Tai Chi type motions and generate sound 
from ChucK that will thrill the audience!  Right now I'm just 
collecting sounds to later stitch together into an application.  
Already kijjaz and I have created some very nice Thunder and Cannon 
Fire (posted to the wiki if you want the code), yet what is still 
lacking are two sounds:  Lightning and what I can only call "Ripping a 
Hole in the Fabric of Space-Time", an eerie and ominous sound made by 
sweeping a hand from side to side.   Maybe I'll light up some traffic 
flares and hold them in my hands during the performance for dramatic 

Anyway, I'm calling on the ChucK community to provide me with some 
awesome engaging sounds.  The battle isn't until September so we have 
lots of time to work on this, though I'd like to get something fleshed 
out in the next few months so I can practice and use the routine at 
sooner festivals.  So give me your best!  If you only have an idea for 
an algorithm, that will do nicely, I'll code it up and test it...  You 
got your game on?

For those about to ChucK we salute you!  - Ge Wang!

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