[chuck-users] Let's pick up the tweet-length gauntlet!

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 13:53:53 EDT 2009


> good- in the interest of avoiding problems, it might be good to put an
> explicit version number, or a number that the version has to be
> greater than.
> is the current one. Seems a easy choice for me?

> > Errors/warnings and eventual crashes seem perfectly fine to me.
> the only thing i'd suggest is that the entry is posted to this mailing
> list sometime before a certain date [or maybe 'tweeted' to a certain
> account] ...
I'm not sure to what degree Twitter tags like "#chuckage" or "@John" would
go at the expense of characters or how sc dealt with that.

> and i don't know about web space or whatever. if you wanted to make
> this a join chuck/microsound project [and everyone was on board] we
> might be able to host it on the microsound site [which is all set up
> already]. i'm not saying this is a particularly good or bad idea, but
> just offering it as a possibility.
We have web-space at the forum at the EM site. EM has servers for files that
are on a very big connection in Norway. Princeton and Stanford also have
webspace that we might be able to use. I don't think any of those would even
blink at the kind of space and bandwith this is likely to take.

> there will be some work involved with gathering up the entries, and
> putting them on the web, but that's later.
Indeed. There may be questions there, like to what degree a flash-based
player is suitable to present the output of a FOSS project and what
alternatives there are. As this would be great advertising for ChucK I think
we should consider both a convenient pre-rendered format as well as easy
access to the sources.

again, i think this is a great idea- nice work!!
> I hardly did a thing, really. It's good to see so much enthousiasm already.

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