[chuck-users] Chuck + Snow Leopard??

Jim Menard jim.menard at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 13:56:17 EDT 2009

I'm having problems compiling ChucK on SnowLeopard. (I have my own
fork at https://github.com/jimm/chuck/tree where I've added a few
String methods and implemented some File I/O methods.)

The error---which has nothing to do with my code---is this:

gcc -D__MACOSX_CORE__ -c -O3 rtmidi.cpp
rtmidi.cpp: In function 'int get_device_name(SInt32, char*, int)':
rtmidi.cpp:295: error: cannot convert 'void**' to 'MIDIObjectRef*' for
argument '2' to 'OSStatus MIDIObjectFindByUniqueID(MIDIUniqueID,
MIDIObjectRef*, MIDIObjectType*)'
make[1]: *** [rtmidi.o] Error 1
make: [osx] Error 2 (ignored)

The offending line of code:

    ret = MIDIObjectFindByUniqueID(uniqueid, &object, &type);

It's saying that object, which is a void, can't be cast to

There are a TON of other warnings for this and other files, mainly
around the size of ints vs. longs and casting warnings. I may have
some time to look into this and see if a few header tweaks will help
or not.

Jim Menard, jimm at io.com, jim.menard at gmail.com

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