[chuck-users] "make" not compiling -- Snow Leopard

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Fri Sep 11 11:30:22 EDT 2009

Oh, okay, I get:

~bash: make: command not found

and that's it. I'll see if maybe there's a gcc update, or if maybe it
got deleted or something when I upgraded? The thing is, I set it up
initially so long ago that I don't remember if I had to download some
special compiling thing to make it make. (ha!)

Thanks for the pointer toward gcc/xcode upgrades. As for the
chuck.xcode file, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever compiled ChucK
on xcode, and how.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:
> Andrew;
>> Don't really know who to turn to here, so I'm coming to you. I used to
>> be able to very easily compile ChucK (plus the mini in a recent post)
>> but "make" doesn't seem to be working for me now that I've got Snow
>> Leopard. Would the new OS override or delete some previous compiler?
> I don't know this for sure, actually I know very little about Mac's,
> but I seem to remember xcode is based on GCC. The latest versions of
> GCC became more strict about syntax, which is already affecting our
> friends on Fedora and will likely soon get through to Debian/Ubuntu as
> well.
> If Apple is going to update xcode a sensible moment would be to do it
> while releasing the latest version of their OS.
> That's my gut feeling, it might be way off. If that would be it a flag
> in the makefile might fix it, see;
> http://electro-music.com/forum/viewtopic.php?&t=36259
> Also; writing "it won't compile", while interesting, should probably
> be appended by a log or list of errors or symptoms. Now we have to
> guess; the above is a educated guess, but it's still just a guess. If
> that's it then we're good as that means it's a known issue, there
> would be a workaround and most likely the Devs should be able to fix
> it.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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