[chuck-users] Ge on Nightline

Joe McMahon mcmahon at ibiblio.org
Fri Apr 2 23:09:51 EDT 2010

> One of the more insightful things about the iPad that I heard was that the
> dividing line between people who are very passionate about it and the people
> who are highly sceptical seems to be the line between people enthusiastic
> about creating things or consuming them. Ge is clearly at the fore-front of
> the "creative" side, yet doing very well in this consumer market so I'd like
> to hear his perspectives on this.

Not speaking for Ge, but the impression I get is that he likes to make
things anybody can have fun with. A piece of hardware you can interact
with that's bigger is just going to be a place where more ideas that
need more space can be implemented.

I think the dividing line is between people who want to just make
things for it and not pay anything to do it as opposed to the ones who
are perfectly happy to invest in it for a chance to do things in a
space that no one else offers.

I think the iPhone -> iPad jump is like the Mac 512K to (say) a
Powerbook 180c. Yeah, you could say the 180c was "just a Mac you can
carry around". But there's more to it than that: capacity, speed, and
what it's possible to do with more screen real estate and more base
computing power.

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