[chuck-users] Question "how connected the Wii remote?"

Andrew Turley aturley at acm.org
Fri Aug 13 11:29:28 EDT 2010

Unfortunately the Wii controller cannot be accessed as an HID device.
One option for using the Wii controller with Chuck is a program called
OSCulator (<http://www.osculator.net/>). It translates messages from
the Wii controller (and other devices, too) into OSC messages. You can
then write a Chuck program that responds to these OSC messages.


2010/8/13 田岡 卓 <digitaltaokatakashi at mac.com>:
> hi dear.
> A simply ,but a problem...
> please give advice something.
> It's problem a settlement of connect with "Wii controller" at Chuck prg.
> Also, I think that be able to play like mousePad or than more.
> For Example::miniAudicle/examples/hid/mouse-fm.ck
> I try call up that's file exchanges codes for Wii controller with trackpad.
> "Wii controller" has the coordinates x, y, z, respectively "freq, fm mod,
> filter freq" Why do not synchronize the "Theremin" and play like "beat box"
> of the new devices can be used as I think the idea.
> Wii controller is coneccted from "DarwiinRemote"
> http://darwiin-remote.sourceforge.net/
> In addition to "Chuck" and "Wii remote device" if it please share how to
> connect directly.
> /takashi
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