[chuck-users] Question re: installing ChucK on Mac

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 24 14:51:48 EDT 2010

Hey, its my name!  Catching up on email after a few weeks off-grid...

miniAudicle links directly to the source code that produces the chuck command line binary, to allow a much tighter level of integration with chuck's internals than is possible with the standard chuck command line binary.  So in this sense, miniAudicle doesn't have its own chuck binary in the .app package, nor does it install anything to the usual $PATH directories.  Its all a single binary (GUI + chuck).  


On Aug 12, 2010, at 6:23 PM, mike clemow wrote:

> But I don't think that miniAudicle puts a binary of chuck in /usr/local/bin, I think it keeps it's own binary as part of the .app file package, which is where that binary belongs.  I'm not sure what the story is with how miniAudicle gui communicates with the chuck process, but it's possible that it's version of chuck is modified to accomodate that.  Spencer?

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