[chuck-users] ugens of type 'DAC' have no input

David Loberg Code d.loberg.code at wmich.edu
Wed Feb 17 16:09:26 EST 2010

The following error keeps popping up (seemingly randomly) when  
launching shreds in mini-Audicle (0.2.0 gidora)
"ugens of type 'DAC' have no input"

This seems absurd that the DAC can't accept input.

It is happening on multiple MacBooks (2.13 GHz intel Core 2 Duo.  OS X  
10.5.8) with different shreds.
I can launch the programs from Terminal, but some of them don't  
function correctly in that environment (particularly things dealing  
with the tilt-sensor).



David Loberg Code
School of Music
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
code at wmich.edu

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