[chuck-users] PItShift and SndBuff .rate = Scrubbing?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri May 21 09:22:36 EDT 2010


This wouldn't work? I'm surprised if this doesn't work... If you don't
> think so, please explain why... In my (noob) opinion, it would be a
> much better sounding solution...
This would work as well, and behind the scenes the pitch-shifter would most
likely be doing exactly what I described. You'd get the ratio by taking the
absolute (so non-negative) playback rate and dividing that on one. I'm not
sure from memory how the ratio of the pitch-shifter worked so that might
need some poking around.

> I DON'T need to do this with live audio...
> Only with audio files... That's why I think my approach *could* be
> better...
It's a perfectly valid approach, certainly. I would pick the LiSa method as
doing the fading in and out directly on the file (as opposed to internally
in he pitch-shifter) would help mask any artefacts resulting from the
read-pointer jumping around as a result of the scrubbing process.

Then again; only you know what your program's structure will be and what
your needs are. We can try all sorts of tricks to get rid of artefacts, but
then many people like a rougher sound for this kind of technique. I suggest
you just try it and see where you end up. No one way is universally

Good luck!
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