[chuck-users] Anyone have experience with VirtualAudioCable under windows

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Tue Nov 9 20:18:23 EST 2010

I want to have chuck read a stereo input file. The only way I've been able to 
process stereo is to first separate each stereo file into two mono files, then 
manipulate these separately with two SndBuf instances.

1. Is there another way to do this?
I've tried:
SndBuf s;
s.chan(1) => dac.right;
s.chan(0) => dac.left;

This compiles fine, but crashes with null pointer exception when it is run.

2. VIrtual Audio Cable for windows?
THis is software that allows you to route output of any program to input of 
others.  WHen I install it, winamp can find and apparently use one of these 
virtual cables as output, however how might one get chuck to use the input 
side of this cable?

3. I've heard of some sort of new file io class; would that help?

Thanx much...
-- Rich

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