[chuck-users] In/Out Fest 2010!

Chris Gilroy christgilroy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 16:51:23 EDT 2010

We are curious, just like you. Because of this, we decided to bring those
that inspire, move, and challenge us together to write, make, perform, and

Musicians and artists huddled together to learn and share the secrets of
computers. How to make them do the things we dream, how to control them to
do those things, and hopefully stumble across some happy accidents along the

So join us for a time of sharing, learning, and experimenting in creating
computer programs and designing control interfaces for audio and video
performances. Let us rejoice in all things open source!

Check out this years line up including performances by:
Protofuse (maker of the Protodeck)
Rosa Menkman
Peter Kirn
Philip White and more!

and workshops on
Building Your Own Controller using M4L
Textiles and Electronics
Creating a Digital Synth with CMOS
Lecture by Brian Crabtree of monome
and more!

get all the details here:

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