[chuck-users] record and play multiple LiSa objects on multiple channels

Harald Gutsche hg42 at gmx.net
Sat Apr 9 18:12:58 EDT 2011

>>  adc => LiSa looper => dac.chan(0);
>> fails.
> That's a bug in then, that should work. What OS are you on?

linux and jack

> It could be a RtAudio issue.

rtaudio.h tells me

// RtAudio: Version 3.0.2 (14 October 2005)

seems to be old :-)

I would assume the bug is in LiSa and/or multichannel code, because it
depends on the way it is connected, remember this works:

  LiSa looper => dac;

chuck's multichannel code seems to have some problems anyway.

>> looper.rate(2);

on further testing I found it's because the parameter should be a
float (as you also suggested).
Sorry, I was fooled by the fact, that worked.

> If you mean that line then you might want to try rate(2.0) to force it
> setting the rate, instead of getting the rate of the default (first) voice.
> I think that might make a difference. LiSa's functions are rather overloaded
> which can cause some confusion with implied casting.

Do you mean the function is overloaded with a function rate(int x) ?
if so what is the purpose of x?
Or will a rate(2) be delegated to rate()?

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