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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 13:17:21 EDT 2011

> if the file plays when i run it with chuck filename.ck, and all kinds
> of fun sound things happen, doing the same with --loop running in one
> dos box, and chuck +filename.ck in another dosbox should make all
> kinds of fun audio things happen as the tutorial suggests, however, no
> audio things happen at all.

That's a bit disapointing, then, that should really work.

What happens instead? Do you get any errors at all? Or other output? Do
other commands like the "status" one that should also interact with the
running VM work? (see "chuck --help" or the manual for the exact options
that you have) When you write "+filename.ck" , do you mean you used it like
that, without the space? It should be like this;

chuck + myfile.ck

so with a space.

Because you mention a "dosbox" I assume you are on Windows. If this is
somehow related to how differend commandline sessions on your OS interact
then it would also be quite helpful if you could mention what exact version
of Windows you are running. It could be that some of the more recent
versions of Windows were "improved" in some way that makes things stop
working, for example.

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