[chuck-users] vim script for live chucking

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:10:30 EST 2011

> Some years ago i did what i now call LDP (Linux Desktop Playing) with
> jack-rack,
> ardour, audacity, PD, chuck, python and even audacious. That was a
> really big mess,

You might want to look into wmctrl. that's a (linux) program that can
interact with your window manager. Normally you'd use it to add
functionality you are missing, but it could be used for a lot more.
It's commandline-based so it could be remotely controlled, for example
from ChucK or python. That way you wouldn't need to manually move your
cow but the cow (ok, the cow's window) could hop around to the music
according to some rules you could write on stage.

Please note that I can't take responsiblity from lost income,
audience, computers or sanity that might result from following my
sugestions. :-p


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