[chuck-users] input gain analysis, LiSa example

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 17:11:45 EST 2011

Kassen wrote:

>> I wrote MIDI and OSC looper libraries for Processing, so I am familiar
>> with the necessary functionality.
> Base functionality isn't that hard, I think. What is hard about looping and
> what makes some pedals worth the money is a really good interface.

Right, I would agree.

SooperLooper works well on its own for interactive use, with e.g. a
guitar and MIDI foot pedal.  When I'm trying to play along to a song
driven by ChucK, the whole setup becomes a royal mess, MIDI/OSC sync,
mixing audio streams via jack, etc. etc.

The interface I'm looking for is an API within ChucK with just those
four methods, record/overdub/undo/redo.  That way I can just use
ChucK's internal timing, run the looper programatically, and keep all
the audio within ChucK.

>>  I'm not sure how to push LiSa's
>> buttons though.
> Fortunately "LiSa's buttons" are quite well documented in the /special/
> directory of the ChucK examples. LiSa is absolutely wonderful, as far as
> UGens go.

So I've heard.  ;)

Thanks, I will peruse those examples again.

>>  And has anyone written a Stack data structure for
>> ChucK?  That would be useful for the undo/redo bits.
> I think I'd use a array of arrays with two pointers. I've never done this
> and am not sure about how this would fare performance-wise. I could imagine
> a "sample" data-type that SndBuf and LiSa could read from and write to, with
> memory buffering.

Hmm, yes, those would be the devil(s) in the details.


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