[chuck-users] From 4Hz to 400Hz

Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 09:02:32 EDT 2011

Just compiled chuck -- its power seems quite exciting!

Why I am looking at chuck:

I am preparing to give a talk on the wider ramifications of music.
One of the things I wish to demonstrate is that things that look different
are often merely analogs but at different scales.

eg if something vibrates at 400Hz we hear a sound of A-flat. If it
'vibrates' at 4 Hz we hear a beat.
In the same analogy a 2 vs 3 poly-rhythm (should?) change to a do-so chord.
And so on.

Or stated in reverse:

Say I have a rhythm in 4/4 time -- 4 even quarter notes, bar repeating every
second played by say a click. [What kind of click I am not very sure; sharp
with few harmonics would be best I expect]
Now if there were some (realtime) way of sliding the tempo from 1 sec to
millisec I expect the separate clicks would vanish into a hum at some stage.

This (and other such experiments) is what I want to demo.

Can I do this with chuck/miniaudicle?

PS. I have some issues with my setup which I will post separately.
But first I need to know whether I am using the right tool.
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