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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 07:48:48 EDT 2011

Hey, Luca.

I work as a developer
> for noise related applications (in particular we manage aircraft noise
> and in general noise pollution).
Very interesting!

>   1. Do you think that ChucK could be a profitable choice to have this
>      job done?

Let me get this straight; you would like to analyse a signal for things like
amplitude, RMS power and spectral distribution, possibly compensating for
the sensitivity of hearing so you can determine whether you need
sound-proofing and if so of what kind?

If so then yes; I would say that could be done. One big issue for
applications like yours, where there will be regulations, will be
calibrating the whole system (mic, pre-amp, analysis, analysis display) but
that is a issue that is quite universal in that field.

I think ChucK would be a better choice for this than PD, I'm not sure how it
would compare to Faust.

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