[chuck-users] Internet Jam Suggestion

john saylor js0000 at gmail.com
Wed May 18 11:53:24 EDT 2011


2011/5/18 Matt B. <matthew.biddle at gmail.com>:
> How about you receive what your friend is doing after a predictable delay,
> so like it's buffered, and you're in sync with them in a quarter note sense
> but hearing what they did a bar earlier... So say it's in 4/4 time,
> everything will still sound okay, but to each user you're hearing what the
> other guy did a bar ago... make sense?

well, i'm not coding it, but i think a more free form approach
[without barlines] is what i was imagining. also, network latency will
not often match up with beats. if that kind of rhythmic precision is
important, perhaps ChucK could do the quantizing itself.

i was thinking more or non metered music- collections of sounds.
[ambient, "field recordings", and the like]

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