[chuck-users] chuck linux-alsa in Ubuntu 11.04

Alex French grackle at mrdevcat.com
Tue May 31 17:45:35 EDT 2011

> Did you check what happens if you don't "suspend" PulseAudio? In my
> experience chuck-alsa connects just fine to PulseAudio, provided you are not
> also running something like Skype and/or a browser with a running Flash
> plugin. Those two tend to try to be compatible with very old drivers (good,
> I suppose) and in the meantime manage to not be compatible with running
> stuff like ChucK at the same time (bad).

I tried that and received the same error as before. However... As it
turns out, there's an option to disable the onboard audio device in
BIOS. I switched it off, and now chuck works just fine.

I'm guessing that chuck must try to query all present devices, which
is why it failed every time, even when I specified a different device.
How's that for a rare bug!


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