[chuck-users] Beginner question about audio artifacts

chriswicks crwicks at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 11:57:08 EDT 2012

Two more questions regarding this issue:

1. Does anyone have any ideas/methods/tricks on how to address the gain changes algorithmically so that it automatically adjusts when new shreds are added to the VM?

2. My collaborator for this project uses OSX and doesn't experience the same clipping/artifacts that I do.  I installed Ubuntu Linux on the same hardware config as I was using Windows 7 and I was able to add many, many more shreds without any noticeable clipping.  Can anybody speak to this?


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2012/4/14 [chriswicks] <crwicks at yahoo.com>

Thanks, that seems to work for 2 shreds, but adding any more continues to give me the dreaded clipping artifacts.  Any advice here?  My current project will be using at least 5 shreds, probably more.

Then instead of cutting the gain to 1/2, you need to cut it to 1/5.
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