[chuck-users] chuck vs supercollider?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 14:16:17 EDT 2012

On 11 August 2012 17:55, ronni montoya <ronni.montoya at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey ! and  where can i find examples in chuck of this one sample
> feedback stuff ?
>  I would like to give it a try to these kind of things in chuck and
> then compare it with supercollider.

I couldn't remember whether we had one so I made you a simple example.
Here we have a system that uses feedback over a pitch-shifter and a
lowpass filter.
Not the best example in the world, I'm sure, but I made it rather
quickly. Because of the feedback, porting this to something like SC
should sound different as a extra delay is introduced in the loop.

SinOsc s => Envelope e => PitShift p => LPF f => dac;
f => Gain feedback => p;

200 => s.freq;
.5::second => e.duration;

1.2 => p.shift;
8000 => f.freq;
.99 => feedback.gain;

.2 => dac.gain;

    1 => e.value;
    0 => e.target;
    second => now;

As a bonus example, consider this;

Step s => dac;

while (true)
    100 * (now / samp) => Math.sin => s.next;
    samp => now;

Here we imagine that we don't have a SinOsc yet would like to hear a
sine. Of course we do have a SinOSc and this only gets really
interesting if you substitute my boring function with your own, which
I suggest you try.

Do mind your ears, speakers and neighbours, because this kind of
experiment can and will potentially blow up.


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