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Julien Saint-Martin julien.saintmartin at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 5 05:13:13 EDT 2012

Hi Michael,

Please find attached an example that might do what you want.
It use both Lisa and SndBuf. SndBuf is used to load the wav file.
And Lisa is used to be driven by a Phasor.
Control freq of your phasor will control freq of your synth.

If I remember well what I found on the forum, there is no easier way to do
that, but maybe I am wrong.

It should be nice to directly drive the SndBuf with the Phasor. But it is
not supported at now.

Have Fun,

2012/9/4 Michael Heuer <heuermh at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I found this collection of 600-sample one cycle waveforms recently
> http://www.adventurekid.se/AKRT/
> If I wanted to use these for "wavetable synthesis", is it just a
> matter of wrapping a looping SndBuf or LiSa with ADSR and tweaking the
> freq?  What if I wanted to do something like the Shruthi1 hardware
> http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1/manual
> or the Animoog app
> http://www.moogmusic.com/products/apps/animoog-0
> where a bunch of waveforms are combined into a single wavetable, e.g.
> the Shruthi1 doc
> "All these waveforms are wavetables, comprising 16 single-cycle
> waveforms. The parameter scans the wavetable, smoothly interpolating
> between each waveform. Some of these tables are 'transwaves': the
> single cycle waveforms were extracted from different 'stages' of a
> sample, and you can somehow recreate the original sample by using an
> envelope that will sweep the parameter from 0 to 127."
> Sorry if this question is Electronic Music 101.
>    michael
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