[chuck-users] wavetable synthesis

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 14:48:09 EDT 2012


I found this collection of 600-sample one cycle waveforms recently


If I wanted to use these for "wavetable synthesis", is it just a
matter of wrapping a looping SndBuf or LiSa with ADSR and tweaking the
freq?  What if I wanted to do something like the Shruthi1 hardware


or the Animoog app


where a bunch of waveforms are combined into a single wavetable, e.g.
the Shruthi1 doc

"All these waveforms are wavetables, comprising 16 single-cycle
waveforms. The parameter scans the wavetable, smoothly interpolating
between each waveform. Some of these tables are 'transwaves': the
single cycle waveforms were extracted from different 'stages' of a
sample, and you can somehow recreate the original sample by using an
envelope that will sweep the parameter from 0 to 127."

Sorry if this question is Electronic Music 101.


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