[chuck-users] dumb python question...

forrest curo treegestalt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 12:19:15 EDT 2012

In those chuck examples, one example sets up a port "6449 (or whatever)"

and another 'listens' to that port every .2 seconds.
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So I gather that if I then sent an OSC message to 'port 6449' (or the
corresponding 'whatever') via python, the listening shred would pick it up
sometime in the next .2 seconds.

In other words, any given port number gets recognized by any program on the
system that specifically looks for it (?)
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If so, then the only real problem (which I guess I'll stumble through) is
finding out where to stash the pyOSC... [I'm used to having everything
neatly arranged in 'packages' that know where to put themselves, ow well.]
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