[chuck-users] Begin the beguine

Alberto Alassio alberto.alassio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 09:06:59 EDT 2012

Hi guys this is my first thread because I've download Chuck just yesterday
night and I'm trying to make something with this today (yes we can!).
Really nice world!  I read something from the manual ( the beginning
tutorial) and also downloaded chuck pages where objects and other things
about language are written. The question is : how can I understand every
single line of Chuck? And I'm gonna make an example: foo.ck example. I was
looking at this and also to other ones to understand how they work but... I
saw that there are objects that are explained in Chuck homepage (sinOsc,
delayD, etc) but where can I find informations about Std? Hi?How can I
understand what does Hi.cap mean?  These are just examples, is there a
place where every command is explained? Or maybe (and probably) it's just
me not so good searcher?

Thank you everybody

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