[chuck-users] Raspberry pi and ChucK and performance

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 18:03:40 EST 2014

I've written a ChucK script to concurrently instantiate samples with their
own effects chains with the aim of creating a kind of kaleidoscopic music
box that randomly plays filtered longish samples (say up to two minutes).
The box bit is intended to be a raspberry pi.

Running on a pi the program maxes out at two concurrent samples and a
modest effects chain for each. Ideally I'd prefer to double or even triple
that so clearly I need to scale back my resource-intensive intentions,
along with attempting to improve the pi's performance (overclocking, for
example). There are concrete steps to take on both these fronts, but I have
two concerns I'd be keen to get advice on:

1. Is ChucK the best electronic music platform to be doing
processor-intensive tasks on a low-power processor?
2. Is building a processor-intensive composition on a raspberry pi (as
opposed to building a hardware controller-related application) bordering on

I realise the second question is more open-ended and philosophical, but I'd
be interested to hear other perspectives :)

Many thanks

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