[chuck-users] Raspberry pi and ChucK and performance

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 03:59:35 EST 2014

For anyone heading pi-wards in future, I tried out Perry's advice and found
dropping to 32khz as well as smarter resource management means I can run
three concurrent SndBufs (with pans) and a three effect fx chain (including
a mighty JCReverb!) simultaneously. It's modest, but enough for me to
achieve the ambient driftyness I wanted. YMMV!



From: Perry Cook <prc at CS.Princeton.EDU>
> Thoughts from the battlefield:
> One nice thing about the Pi is that it supports many
> sample rates.  So if you can run at 22.05k or even
> 16k or less, then you'll get much more bang for
> your buck.
> Also, you might look into using WvIn (non looping)
> or WavLoop (looping), rather than SndBuf, because
> I think I remember that these are slightly more
> efficient.
> Look into using some long delay lines (non-interpolating),
> with feedback.  These can really fatten up a texture without
> requiring much CPU.
> Also be judicious about your efx, some will take more
> CPU than others.
> Finally, if a wave is not playing sound, unchuck it at the
> end of the chain, and it won't use any CPU while muted.
> Keeping track of what's actually sounding, and muting
> the rest (by unchuck) can really help.
> Prc
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