[chuck-users] WvOut format

George Locke george.locke.maxmsp at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 11:34:26 EDT 2014


The output format of WvOut is coming out wrong.  Audacity doesn't recognize
it as a wav (does not recognize type, suggests import raw), and windows
media player rejects it as well.  Importing the file into Audacity as raw
data works somewhat, but as I'm diagnosing a dc-offset, I need an exact

here's some example code:

SinOsc s => Gain g => dac;
g => WvOut w => blackhole;
"blerg.wav" => string file;
1::second => now;
w.closeFile(file); // what is the function of the argument here? can WvOut
record multiple buffers at once?

I'm not so experienced with chuck but experienced in "normal" computer
programming.  Running miniAudicle 1.3.1 with chuck on windows 7 pro
sp1 (32 bit).

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