[chuck-users] GUI builders?

Peter Lutek peter at peterlutek.com
Wed Sep 10 19:57:05 EDT 2014

greetings... it's good to be back in touch with the ChucK community!

i'm re-examining ChucK after a number of years since i experimented a 
little bit with it, as a possible alternative platform for a live 
performance instrument which has been implemented in pd until now. so 
far, i have one question which i don't see addressed directly in the 
various docs:

is there some facility, native to ChucK, for building any GUI elements 
for use during performance?... things like sliders, knobs, and toggles, 
for both input (from keyboard or mouse) and to display values incoming 
from various MIDI controllers. i guess a front-end could be built in pd, 
but that just seems silly. somehow, i'm beginning to suspect that such a 
visual front-end might be a little outside the "ChucK paradigm"?!

please let me know if you guys have some good approaches to this kind 
of thing!

thanks... cheers!

Peter Lutek
improvising musician in Toronto, Canada

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