[chuck-users] GUI builders?

Phill phillip.hermans at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 22:39:37 EDT 2014

Indeed there are some sliders, buttons and other elements available in
Check out examples/UI in the documentation

I have used them a little bit and the main annoyance I had is that the GUI
windows do not close when a shred is removed... only a minor inconvenience
most of the time.

Hope that helps

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 6:57 PM, Peter Lutek <peter at peterlutek.com> wrote:

> greetings... it's good to be back in touch with the ChucK community!
> i'm re-examining ChucK after a number of years since i experimented a
> little bit with it, as a possible alternative platform for a live
> performance instrument which has been implemented in pd until now. so far,
> i have one question which i don't see addressed directly in the various
> docs:
> is there some facility, native to ChucK, for building any GUI elements for
> use during performance?... things like sliders, knobs, and toggles, for
> both input (from keyboard or mouse) and to display values incoming from
> various MIDI controllers. i guess a front-end could be built in pd, but
> that just seems silly. somehow, i'm beginning to suspect that such a visual
> front-end might be a little outside the "ChucK paradigm"?!
> please let me know if you guys have some good approaches to this kind of
> thing!
> thanks... cheers!
> .pltk.
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