[chuck-users] chuck-users Digest, Vol 138, Issue 8

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 03:46:35 EST 2017

HI Mark,

Ok, some news from the front: I've got what I want going on a pi with
alsa's snd-aloop module (see
https://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-aloop). This
sets up an input device which loops back to an output device. So I
used chuck --probe to get the corresponding dac number for the input,
sent chuck into that by specifying --dac, and then set up darkice to
listen to the output device.

>From there the data gets sent to icecast on the same pi. The whole
system seems to run stably and generate audio constantly (I've got a
shell script restarting the chuck process after it finishes (c. half
an hour for each go).

Since I now have an rpi with a bunch of cobbled together configuration
I'd like to formalise it and make it repeatable, so I'll be looking at
your and mheuer's docker work :)



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> Stuart - I think you could accomplish your idea with some work over my Docker image. AFAIK, the --silent flag does not mean no sound is produced; it just means no audio is outputted during the running of the program. You could set something up like:
> 1. Let ChucK produce 30 seconds of audio (with --silent it should take less than 30 seconds to produce 30 seconds of audio) and save it to an audio file. Look at export.ck in the chuck-renderer repo for how to do this.
> 2. Streaming clients grab this 30 seconds of audio and start playing it.
> 3. While the above is occurring, you produce another 30 seconds of audio.
> 4. Send the next audio file to clients and they queue it up after the first segment ends.
> 5. Rinse, repeat.
> This has the added benefit of letting ChucK shut down between producing segments to do garbage collection. :) You might need some annealing to get the separate audio to sound "together" but this should get you a "Hello, World ChucK stream."
> Good luck!
> mc

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