[chuck-users] ChucK Getting Started (RE to Sheri W-J)

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 15 12:42:01 EST 2018

Hey Sheri,

The book is available in EBook form from the publisher (Manning) here:


There is also an intro to programming in ChucK video course
on Kadenze here:


Hope this helps,


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> Subject: Re: [chuck-users] [chuck-users new user: silly questions
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> Hello, Folks, 
> Can someone tell me where to find the YouAreReasonablySmartButHavingTroubleGettingStarted documentation? I'm having trouble getting past the initial steps: I've done some Perl programming but I could use maybe ... I guess if I knew exactly what I needed, then I wouldn't need it! 
> Is the book I see advertised on the Check homepage my answer? If it is, is that book available electronically anywhere? I'm blind, so purchasing a hard copy would mean running it through OCR which would introduce pesky errors. 
> Thanks for any tips. 
> Best, 
> Sheri 

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