[chuck-users] ChucK FLOSS - MIDI reference

Juan Reyes juanigrp at gmail.com
Wed May 23 12:54:25 EDT 2018

Hi Michael, Mario,

Thanks a lot for the links. Need to try these classes, they look cleaner.

MidiFileIn inherits from STK also (sorry Gary but thanks!).

Not so sure about MidiRW either. Looks like it has methods to open,
close, read and write MIDI files. Seems to me that it is also used in
conjunction with MidiMsg. I guess its usage might be like opening and
manipulating audio files.


   -- Juan

> LiCK contains NoteOn/NoteOff/ControlChangeMidiMsg classes that
> extend MidiMsg and hide some of the details.
> https://github.com/heuermh/lick/tree/master/lick/midi
> Here's an example of how they might be used
> https://github.com/heuermh/lick/blob/master/lick/midi/AnimoogMidi.ck#L104

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