[chuck-users] Mojave/Catalina mic access issues

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 26 01:12:18 EST 2019

Hi David!

> In OSX 10.14 and 10.15 the System Preference => Privacy settings now 
> have a feature to control third-party access to the mic and camera. The 
> problem my students are encountering is that miniAudicle doesn't show up 
> as an identified app on the list,  so they can't click the box to allow 
> access, and thus they can't use adc in ChucK.

Hmm.  On Mojave I see miniAudicle on the System Preferences => Privacy 
settings under "Microphone".  I don't remember if I did anything to 
grant access, but it does appear for me.  Can someone shed some light on 
this issue?

> Is there either:
>     a) a ChucK workaround?

There will be some audio device-related fixes in the next release, but 
likely unrelated to this.

> OR
>     b) a system file or something to which miniAudicle can be manually 
> added as a recognized app that uses the microphone?

Good question.  Will look into it.


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