[chuck-users] chuck- (numchucks) released!

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Mon May 11 12:04:45 EDT 2020

Hello Ge, Spencer, Perry

It was very nice to meet you virtually in the recent Artful Design TV meetup!

With that event and the recent ChucK version release I have been inspired to ask a bunch of questions.  Hope you don't mind.

Is there much interest in implementing new ChucK language features?  There are some suggestions in GitHub issues

Add abstract and final class and method modifiers <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/105>
Allow a class to implement more than one interface or extend more than one class <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/106>
Order of class definitions in a file matters sometimes <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/107>
Add constructors to class definitions <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/108>
Add namespaces and import statements <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/109>
Allow => from a UGen into a field/parameter <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/110>

Then outside of the new language features, my most desired feature request would be

Chubgraphs and ChuGens don't support stereo operation <https://github.com/ccrma/chuck/issues/111>

Next, it sounds like the new ChucK version will be easier to use as a library.  Is there interest from the community in helping wrap this library into plugins?  Despite occasional attempts with libchuck <https://github.com/mgyucht/libchuck> (which I assume may be deprecated now?), I am not much of a C/C++ developer and often find myself lost in build issues.

LV2 plugin <http://lv2plug.in/> for Linux, this would allow running ChucK on the MOD Devices pedals https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Creating_Audio_Plugins <https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Creating_Audio_Plugins>

AudioUnit v3 for OSX and iOS, https://forum.juce.com/t/ios-audiounit-wait-what/17224 <https://forum.juce.com/t/ios-audiounit-wait-what/17224>

VCV Rack <https://vcvrack.com/> plugin, custom API https://vcvrack.com/manual/PluginDevelopmentTutorial <https://vcvrack.com/manual/PluginDevelopmentTutorial>

Then on a somewhat related note, what the hell?  These are header files!

This repository is currently disabled due to a DMCA takedown notice.
https://github.com/spencersalazar/libchuck <https://github.com/spencersalazar/libchuck>
https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2018/2018-06-13-Steinberg.md <https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2018/2018-06-13-Steinberg.md>

This breaks the https://github.com/mtiid/chuck-racks <https://github.com/mtiid/chuck-racks> build.



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