[chuck-users] Command line multichannel weirdness (multiple versions!)

mike clemow michaelclemow at gmail.com
Thu May 14 02:13:19 EDT 2020

Hi folks,

Been a while, hope everyone is safe.

I'm experiencing something very strange and feel I must be doing something
wrong. (MacOS 10.14.6)

Running chuck on command line like this:

$ chuck --dac7 --out7 --channels4 --srate48000 --verbose --loop

Then I run this file to test outputs:

SinOsc s0 => dac.chan(0);
SinOsc s1 => dac.chan(1);
SinOsc s2 => dac.chan(2);
SinOsc s3 => dac.chan(3);
1::second => now;

Yields this error:

[chuck](VM): NullPointerException: (UGen link) on line[3] in shred[id=1:

Note: "line[3]"... it only thinks there are two dac channels. Indeed, I can
only get sound out of dac.chan(0) and dac.chan(1).

I get the same behavior in chuck versions,, &
I get the same behavior in different sound cards with 4+ channels out.

BUT... the code works with 4 channels in miniAudicle!

What is going on? What am I doing wrong?

All best,

Michael Clemow
Artist/Composer/Sound Designer
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