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First multiply the gain by some envelope, as in the manual (pg 165):
STK - Envelopes
• STK envelope base class.

Unit Generators
• see examples/sixty.ck
This class implements a simple envelope
generator which is capable of ramping to
a target value by a specified \e rate.
It also responds to simple \e keyOn and
\e keyOff messages, ramping to 1.0 on
keyOn and to 0.0 on keyOff.
by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995 - 2002.
[ctrl param]

.keyOn (int, WRITE only) ramp to 1.0
.keyOff (int, WRITE only) ramp to 0.0
.target (float, READ/WRITE) ramp to arbitrary value
.time (float, READ/WRITE) time to reach target (in second)
.duration (dur, READ/WRITE) time to reach target
.rate (float, READ/WRITE) rate of change
.value (float, READ/WRITE) set immediate value

On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 3:34 PM Claudio Donaggio <
claudiodonaggio83 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all!
> I was wondering if there is a way to smoothly fade out a shred. Example:
> from command line you add a shred with chuck + shred.ck and remove it
> with chuck - 1. But when you remove the shred or replace it gets cut off
> instantly. I am sure there is a way to dinamically scale the gain from 1 to
> 0 smoothly before remove the shred, but I do not have a clue on how to go
> about it...
> Thanks!
> Claudio
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