[chuck-users] Mouse under Mojave+

Perry Cook prc at cs.princeton.edu
Wed Oct 7 17:37:43 EDT 2020

Hi all,

Has anyone had trouble, or succeeded, with using the mouse since Mojave?

I suspect that it’s a permissions thing, but nothing asks if it can use the mouse.
I know that Processing users have had trouble with camera permissions, so I
suspect this might be similar.  Odd that ChucK will open the mouse and report
that it’s ok, tho.  Here’s my super simple test code:

Hid hi;             // hid (will be mouse) object
HidMsg msg;  // hid message

if( !hi.openMouse( 0 ) ) me.exit();
<<< "mouse ready...", "" >>>;

while( true )
        // wait on event
        hi => now;
        // get message(s)
        while( hi.recv( msg ) )
            if( msg.is_button_down() )
                <<< "BANG!!!", msg.x, msg.y >>>;

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