[chuck-users] ResonZ Documentation

Jack Atherton lja at ccrma.stanford.edu
Wed Jun 16 00:14:27 EDT 2021

Every UGen has a .gain, and it’s just multiplied against the signal to
attenuate it or amplify it.

The only place I’m aware of this in the documentation is in the Gain node,
which has flavor text “NOTE — all unit generators can themselves change
their gain”. It might be other places too. But it’s possibly worth making
more apparent if it’s causing confusion!

(Sorry I can’t point you to the code because I’m on my phone right now.)

On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 8:50 PM Matt Comeione <matt at ideocentric.com> wrote:

> I was reviewing some code from the “Physics-Based Sound Syntheses for
> Games and Interactive Systems”.  Some of the code examples utilize .gain on
> the ResonZ filters which is not outlined in the documentation.  I was able
> to extract some information on the documentation of the vec3 and vec4 by
> looking at the code (additionally have submitted this documentation to
> GitHub), however, the ResonZ code is a little more elusive.   Is there
> someone that might have some insight into the code that could point me in
> the direction to where I might find the appropriate relevant code?
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